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Photographer - Steven Mercure

My day job is scheduling, capacity planning, document control...are you yawning yet?


Art and creativity has manifested itself in my family in one form or another.  For me it is through photography.  I currently work a full time day job during the week which usually only leaves me available for evening/weekend shooting, but photo shoots take priority over everything else during those times. If you need to bring a friend or escort to a session, it is okay. I would prefer that you bring someone that can help with hair, makeup, and clothing. I don't want anybody feeling uncomfortable.  I prefer it not be your boyfriend or husband as they are distracting.


I share my studio with a talented local artisan and his half of the space is continually in a state of flux depending on what project he has in process.  Paint, cork, wood, etc...but he is not there during a shoot.

  • If under 18 years of age a parent/Guardian must be present before shooting begins.
  • All models must sign a release before shooting as well. 
  • Models, if we schedule a shoot, and you are unable to make it, PLEASE have the decency to message/call/text me that you are unable to make it.

I always have a project or two rattling around my head.  If you agree to participate in one of my projects I will also shoot what style of images you are interested in.  Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.


Present projects include:

  • Light painting - Google Image "Light painting" for examples.
  • Exploration of natural light - I've only had my studio space for a few months and I am enjoying the intense natural light it receives early morning.
  • Borderlands makeup - Are you talented with makeup?  Enjoy the computer game "Borderlands".  I would like to photograph someone made-up to look like a Borderlands character.  Google "borderlands makeup".
  • Tattoos - Interested in photographing your tattoos!
  • Bare lightbulbs - I have numerous bare light bulbs to hang in the studio space for a model to interact with. 
  • Art nudes - bodyscapes, film noir art nudes, toesox style yoga nudes
  • Would be interested in hearing about your project ideas

I only shoot TFCD

Trade shoot: You get images emailed for your use (facebook, contests, printing, etc, but no modifying). I retain copyright of images for my use. For a typical shoot I provide only the best images, typically 10-15 of all images taken. So if you are interested in a shoot, drop me a line.  I DO NOT allow the release of unedited work ever.


Here is a link to my Model Mayhem account:


Studio location - 3rd Floor of awesome Howard Space building on corner of Pine and Howard St

4 Howard Street

Burlington, VT 05401